On October 20, 2022, the 1st OpenCelium Meetup took place at our office in Fulda. Meeting like-minded people from the community, learning exclusive insights about innovations, and exchanging ideas with the entire development team. With this ambition, a colorful mix of interested parties, customers and partners traveled to OpenCelium’s place of origin in Fulda.

The starting signal was given by Steffen Rieger, Managing Director of becon GmbH and CEO of OpenCelium: “Since the early adopter program in 2019 and the stable release in 2020, our open source API hub OpenCelium has evolved tremendously. With the help of numerous customer projects and feedback from the community, the tool has become richer with several new features and connectors. But we don’t want to rest on our efforts. We are motivated and committed to making the open source world better with OpenCelium as a central API hub, eliminating repetitive tasks and automating related processes.”

After the welcome, Head of Applications and Project Manager for OpenCelium Jakob Semere emphasized that it was particularly important to the team on this day to engage in an open exchange with the participants and to actively discuss feedback from the community. The Meetup was intended to be lively and detached from a dull lecture character.

The agenda’s focus topics were:

  • The new Service Terminal in OpenCelium
  • Best Practice: OpenCelium at RBB with Jörg Middendorf
  • The new trigger add-on for i-doit

Jakob Semere jumped right into the brand new major release 3.0 of OpenCelium. New features such as the Marketplace, API Converter and Service Center provide significant support for managing the OpenCelium environment. The team developed a new service portal with the goal of providing users with a central platform containing all important information and features related to OpenCelium. Mr. Semere reported that in the past, it has been a challenge for some users to learn how to access acquired interfaces or business templates. Deploying the installation packages was also mostly difficult, as they were hard to install from the open Bitbucket or Github repositories. With the new Service Portal you can now also use an integrated search and filter option to find all packages, connectors, news, updates and much more in one central location.

Next, guest speaker Jörg Middendorf from RBB demonstrated the implementation of OpenCelium in the form of best practices in their own environment. He first explained the initial situation before the start of the project and then led into the integration. Through a remote connection, he highlighted all interface integrations, including the interrelationship of i-doit (CMDB) and Infoblox (network management tool). Many participants recognized a similar starting situation for themselves.

After the coffee break, we continued with the new i-doit Trigger add-on. This idea arose from a customer project together with Mr. Jörg Middendorf. The add-on is an extension of i-doit (CMDB) and can be used directly in the system. With the Trigger add-on, web requests or shell scripts can be sent (triggered) manually from i-doit. Placeholders can be used to automatically fill the requests with values from the selected or active objects. In combination with OpenCelium, this creates a lot of added value.

Finally, Jakob Semere gave an insight into OpenCelium’s roadmap and ended the Meetup by inviting the team to an open feedback session, where they were able to gather plenty of input and many ideas for the further development of the interface solution.

A dinner together in the evening rounded off the Meetup. All of them already expressed interest in the 2nd OpenCelium Meetup. We would like to thank all participants for the constructive feedback and the open exchange of opinions on the further development of our API hub OpenCelium and are already looking forward to a continuation in 2023.

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