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How OpenCelium works


Select connector.

Create a new connection to one of your systems. Mostly only the webaccess URL and the corresponding authentication is needed here. Without code and via wizard.


Create connection.

The connection defines between which connectors what kind of requests should be executed with which methodology. You can build the connection with tools like methods and operators.


Use template.

Use one of our business templates to create a connection. The description is stored within a file. For this reason, the business templates can also be shared super easily with the community.


Expand template.

If a business template does not cover your requirement, you can always create your own or extend an existing one and save it again as your own business template.


Create template.

Are you up to speed on the subject? Then you can also generate your own business templates using the expert mode. You will find plenty of information about this in the documentation.


Schedule a job.

Schedule a job using the scheduler view. Define at which point in time a job should be executed automatically. See also here, the last status of the respective job.

Webhook: Each job can also be started via webhook. For this purpose, a Web URL with a unique ID is created.

OSMC 2021

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We are also happy to offer individual webinars or training tailored to your desired requirements and skills outside of the community.

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