OpenCelium is Open Source.

Our goal is to provide a really good application for free use.

OpenCelium creates the connectivity of at least two applications. The development of connectors can be very complex for commercial applications. We will therefore only be able to offer individual connectors and templates within an annual subscription. In addition, an assistant for creating individual connectors – the so-called connection generator – is only delivered within the subscription, so that professional support is always available to answer any questions that arise. Of course, support is available for all other questions about OpenCelium as part of a valid subscription.

Get an overview of the performance levels of the subscription here:

* Limited to two connected applications.

** Commissioning of at least one new paid connector after agreeing to cost estimate.

Individual pricing model

Do you have individual requirements you’d like to discuss with us personally? Just contact us. We’ll find a solution that works for you.

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