getting involved


OpenCelium is platform-independent and can be installed on nearly all Linux and Windows systems. The following link will load the official documentation on installing and using OpenCelium.


Just like many other Open Source projects, we host OpenCelium on Bitbucket. Start now and clone your project with simple Git commands. You can also use one of the source files. (.ZIP ,.TARGZ)

If you have experience developing with React or Java and would like to contribute to OpenCelium code then sign this Kontribution-Lizenzvertrag (Contributor license agreement) to get started. Please send your signed agreement to .

Community support

Do you have questions which our documentation doesn’t answer? Have you noticed a bug or is there a function you’d like to see implemented? We’ve provided three public Slack channels where our developers are available to answer your questions or listen to your ideas. We also publish news and updates there.




Are you crazy about OpenCelium? Our developers and project managers are working hard to get OpenCelium in shape for you. We appreciate every piece of Feedback to help us along. Your support means a lot.

Start your connection now!

We would be happy to answer your questions and respond to any suggestions you may have.