It is with great joy and much love that we announce today on
Valentine’s Day
the stable release of our latest development, the open source API hub and API management OpenCelium.

With pride and passion we, becon GmbH, specialist and full-service provider for solutions and services in information and telecommunication technology, have done everything to develop an API gateway for you, which allows your applications to communicate seamlessly with each other and exchange data easily. Without code and via wizard. OpenCelium thus turns the writing and updating of API scripts for the IT administrator into a simple drag and drop on a comfortable and intuitive front end through the use of a visual interface. And true to our principle of “open source first”.

From the user story to the use case

Today, we would especially like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the gatekeepers of the Early Adopter Program. Thanks to you, we were able to gather valuable information, especially from use case scenarios, and put our latest offspring through its paces once again.

But we are not resting. In addition to the i-doit, Zabbix, Icinga2 and ((OTRS)) connectors available so far. Community Edition, we are already in the starting blocks with the connectors Azure, AWS, Sensu, openNMS and Check_MK by the end of Q1 2020.

OpenCelium and the mycelium

With OpenCelium, you get an open technology that can connect applications and automate processes – just as mycelium enables trees to communicate with each other. And with that we also reveal the secret of the naming. Mushrooms to this day are gigantically valuable and irreplaceable. They recycle all organic waste into nutrients and humus for new growth. Like plants, they form a structure comparable to roots, the mycelium. Mycelium – in English mycelium. Since we love open source and its benefits, we replaced “my” with “open”.

Support. Consulting. Training.

From support to consulting and training. We would like to support you in using your applications efficiently. That’s why we offer flexible support models and service contingencies. Of course, we also create suitable connectors and individual templates according to your requirements.


Each company has an individual infrastructure for each department. That’s why we have divided OpenCelium’s subscription into three different levels of performance. With “Duo”, “Influencer” and “Unlimited”, we let you decide how deep you want to put down your roots. Determine yourself in the number of available connectors, templates and extensions and your limit of support needed.


Do you have experience developing with React or Java and want to help shape OpenCelium’s code? All you have to do is sign the Kontribution license agreement and you can start right away. Info HERE.

start now with your

We look forward to hearing from you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


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