The new minor release 3.2 of OpenCelium is now available for download.This update brings some new features and improvements such as the new Action Panel and the Data Aggregator.

The individual new features of OpenCelium Release 3.2 are listed below:


The new Action Panel

The entire Connection Editor has been adapted. Previously, the buttons were placed in several different locations. We have now summarized these in a clearly arranged panel to simplify the search for the right action.



Smart notification through data aggregator

The information flow of a connection was previously only used for synchronization between two systems. Data Aggregator provides a further function for collecting data from a connection in a targeted manner and then reusing it elsewhere. The data aggregators can therefore be accessed at any time via API in order to use this information.

Previously, this feature was used with the notification service to send targeted/bundled information from an API job. This can be configured via a notification template.

We have also added two additional notification services to send information more flexibly. Teams and Slack have also been added.