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, specialist for enterprise data centers and cloud infrastructures, is currently developing the open source API hub OpenCelium. OpenCelium easily connects IT operations and IT service management applications so they can seamlessly communicate and easily share data with each other – much like the mycelial web of fungi in the forest floor connects trees to the Wood Wide Web. With OpenCelium, writing and updating API scripts becomes a simple drag-and-drop operation on a convenient front end for the IT administrator. becon has successfully completed the alpha test on OpenCelium and is now launching its early adopter program.

OpenCelium: API-driven, web-based, open source

OpenCelium takes over the management of the interfaces and their synchronization in a central position – quasi as an API hub to which the ITSM systems are docked – without code, via wizard, end-to-end. It is an open source, web-based tool that is easy to use. The graphical frontend was written using ReactJS and Java and provides drag and drop functionality for integration and data mapping. OpenCelium is API-driven and supports generic REST, meaning all RESTful API interfaces can be docked seamlessly. A variety of API connectors for different applications in IT operations and IT service management are already available – including: Ansible, Azure, Icinga, i-doit, OTRS, Prometheus, Sensu and Zammad. Further individual API connectors can be flexibly added and extended for any interfaces and applications – also by the early adopters. In this way, a collection of connectors can gradually emerge in the OpenCelium community, which everyone can use according to their requirements, add to and combine to form their own ITSM application mesh.

Help shape OpenCelium as an early adopter

“We are excited to now introduce OpenCelium to a larger community of administrators, developers and interested parties in addition to our customers who want to use, test and help shape our new open source tool early on,” said Jakob Semere, OpenCelium project manager at becon GmbH. Participants in the Early Adopter Program receive installation support, access to documentation such as the API and User Guide, and access to three Slack Channels for communication with the experts and other participants. The source code of OpenCelium is managed in a Git in Bitbucket. Early adopters can help shape the code here or already start their own project with a local clone. If you want to be an OpenCelium early adopter, you can register at:

Automate unproductive ITSM processes

With simple centralized interface management, OpenCelium frees administrators – or expensive specialists – from unproductive effort and helps further automate data center processes: Typically, systems for IT operations or the
IT Service Management
connected directly via their APIs. Mostly, a self-written plugin or script then takes care of the communication between them and retrieves required data from both systems. But the more tools are in play and the more frequently there are updates or changes, the more often the corresponding scripts have to be changed as well, resulting in an unproductive effort that can now be avoided with OpenCelium.


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